Our Work .

Below you can see some examples of work we have created for a number of clients from around the world.


Case Study .

"The Dinosaur of Pukekura Park"

Our team at Riddlez created a special image for the front page of our website. We did a photoshoot with one of our team members, Victoria. Victoria posed in a running stance for the photo in the rainforests of Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, NZ. Back in the studio, our team digitally composed a T-Rex behind Victoria, along with additional “Jungle type” vegetation in the foreground. Finally "cinematic" editing and colour grading was added to the image to produce the final artwork.

Final Image Composite

Original Photograph

Original Image
Modified Image

Services .

Riddlez Interactive covers a broad range of digital imagery, from more traditional graphics and web design to conceptual 3D animation, videography and social media management.
See below for the services we can provide.

Graphic Design

Riddlez looks to provide innovation with graphic design and print media. We look forward to working in areas that challenge the norm and coming up with off the wall ideas. Discuss with us your thoughts or ideas and we will come up with your ideal logo/branding, print media or any other promotional material required.



Print Media

Layout Design

Logo Design


Web Design

In this age of web connectivity, it is important a business has a website to remain competitive and to showcase its products & services globally. Websites designed by Riddlez, every component is catered for. Riddlez customizes the User Experience to ensure the site is compatible with all screen sizes from desktops to mobile devices.

UX Design

Mobile Compatible

Social Media Integration


Content Management

Responsive Sites


The Riddlez team can shoot, edit and produce video footage to suit every occasion from short videos for social media, 2D motion graphics and television commercials, to long videos such as documentaries and more. Videos and motion graphics are an effective and popular way to promote businesses in a non-static, dynamic way.


Video Editing

Motion Graphics

2D Animation

Post Production

Colour Correction

3D Computer Graphics

Producing still images and video in 3D is an alternative to capturing imagery in real life. Riddlez can model any 3D object from real life or imagined concepts to enable virtual representation that matched real life. We render these models from our 3D software, producing highly realistic still imagery, 3D animations or videos.



3D Animation

Visual Effects

Product Visualization



Riddlez has an experienced team of photographers using high-end equipment, capturing professional images to a quality for commercial use. Our photographers are also very experienced with editing, Photoshop and photo manipulation. Riddlez believes dynamic photography is key to any promotional project.


Digital Manipulation

Photo Editing

360 Panoramas



Social Media Management

Riddlez can manage your social media profile across multiple platforms. We produce content for social media including video, graphics or photography. We can also prepare and post content for major events or promotions. Ultimately creating more impressions on social media pages and greater exposure for businesses.

Account Management

Content Creation

Brand Promotion

Cross Platform Promotion

Event Coverage

Reporting & Analysis

About Riddlez .

Design & Graphics Division

Riddlez is not just any graphic design company it has an experienced team with a broad range of skills covering graphic design, web design, videography, animation, 3D computer graphics, photography and social media management. Operating offices in New Plymouth, New Zealand to look after Asia Pacific and Vancouver, Canada to look after North America and Europe Riddlez caters for a global market and will quote for jobs around the world. The young experienced team is enthusiastic and skill full always looking for a way to innovate and challenge new technology and techniques as they develop. Please browse our site and message us to talk to any of the team if you have an enquiry you think we can help you with.