Bellingham (KBLI) Update

Version History


● Updates Riddlez Bellingham to be compatible with Prepar3D V4


● Fixed elevation issues that arise when Riddlez Bellingham is installed with ORBX PNW
● Fixed aircraft crashing when landing, taking off or taxing on some ground polygon locations
● Fixed incorrect taxi signage
● Fixed Prepar3D V3 glitch where specular colour appears pink on ground polygons


● Initial release of Riddlez Bellingham International (KBLI)

Update to Prepar3D V4

In order to update Riddlez Bellingham to work with Prepar3D V4, Riddlez Bellingham V3 has to be installed first. This is because Riddlez Bellingham V4 uses 98% of the same files from Riddlez Bellingham V3. Prepar3D V3 has to be installed first so "Riddlez - Bellingham.exe" (the main installer) can detect the Simulator is installed, then subsequently install Riddlez Bellingham V3. From there the "Bellingham V4 Updater" will use the files from Riddlez Bellingham V3 to create Riddlez Bellingham V4. Purchasing or installing Prepar3D V3 isn't required to complete this update.

Step 1: Install Prepar3D V3 or Install Prepar3D V3 registry emulator

You have 2 options to complete this step:

Option 1: Install Prepar3D V3
If you have Prepar3D V3 already installed you can skip this step. If you do have access to Prepar3D V3,
please install Prepar3D V3 or follow Option 2 below.

Option 2: Install Prepar3D V3 registry emulator
Not everyone has Prepar3D V3 or can buy it. So we have created a small utility that creates a registry entry that "Riddlez - Bellingham.exe" uses to detect that Prepar3D V3 is installed. This will create a blank Prepar3D V3 folder in the "Program Files" folder where Riddlez Bellingham V3 will be installed. Click and run the Utility and follow the instructions.

You can download the Prepar3D V3 registry emulator here: DOWNLOAD


Step 2: Install Bellingham V3

Step 1
Run the "Riddlez - Bellingham.exe" installer and select the "Prepar3D 3.X" option on the Sim Choice page.

Step 2
Uncheck the option "Add KBLI To Library" if you are using the Prepar3D V3 registry emulator option. Or do not wish to have the "Scenery Library" modified.

Step 3
Install the latest updates for Riddlez Bellingham. This can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD


Step 3: Run the Riddlez Bellingham V4 Updater

This will update Bellingham for Prepar3D V4. This can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD