Custom high-quality Airports & Sceneries


Need a custom airport, scenery or other product for your Flight Simulator? Or would like an estimate for the development of one of these projects, please don’t hesitate to contact Riddlez Interactive at:


One of Riddlez’s main areas of expertise is the development of airports for FSX and Prepar3D. We can create custom 3D models, textures, GIS maps and more for these airports. We can build and customize the airport to your details and specifications. Thus, creating a virtual representation of any airport, either real world, historical or fictional.


By far the most important aspect of flight simulation is the Aircraft itself. Using flight dynamics data, paired with our custom-built 3D models and advanced animations. Riddlez can combined these resources and develop a virtual representation of any jet, prop or helicopter. This aircraft can then be virtually flown and controlled in FSX and Prepar3D just like in real life.


Riddlez also develops “Photo Scenery” coverages. These can be created to cover cities, regions or even countries in high resolution satellite imagery. We also create and place 3D models into the project. Adding virtual; landmarks, buildings, vegetation, bridges and much more to the photo scenery. Ultimately creating a virtual landscape that looks and feels like the real thing.


Other areas in FSX and Prepar3D can also be fully customised by Riddlez Interactive. One area in particular is Scenarios. Riddlez can develop fully customized Flight Training Scenarios which are useful in areas such as, Flight Schools, Emergency Training, War and Combat Missions and more. Pilots can train for a particular scenario or mission without even leaving the ground.

If you'd like us to make a custom airport...

Develop with Riddlez

Do you have an airport you want to sell? There may be an opportunity for enthusiastic developers to work for Riddlez to develop your own high-quality Riddlez airport. Riddlez can provide stock models and textures we have already developed and offer expertise and technical support to help create your high-quality airports. We then package, market and sell the airport on your behalf. If you are a developer and interested in working with Riddlez and like to know more information or detail about this opportunity. Or have a high-quality airport you want to sell. Please contact Riddlez at